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Inner Path
Yoga + Kundalini Activation retreat
March 21-25

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Retreat Highlights


  • Connect to your lifeforce energy (kundalini)

  • Daily Yoga, Breathwork + Kundalini Activations

  • Explore the depths of your consciousness

  • Experience psilocybin in a restorative setting

  • Learn new techniques for self-regulation + mindfulness

  • Nourish yourself with plant based meals

  • Restore your Zen and create more balance in all areas of your life



Escape to the lush embrace of nature in the heart of the Mayan Jungle and embark on a profound journey to self-discovery and transformation at Inner Path's Yoga + Alchemy Retreat. This retreat is carefully curated to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit, offering a transcendent experience that combines the power of yoga, breathwork and meditation with the wisdom of nature.


Begin each day of your retreat with an invigorating yoga session, expertly guided by Casey, preparing your body and mind for a day of transformation and renewal. Following the yoga session, the journey continues with a breathwork meditation guided by Chelsea. This powerful exercise is designed to open your chakras and awaken your kundalini energy. For those seeking an enhanced experience, an optional micro-dose of psilocybin is available, allowing you to heighten your awareness and strengthen the connection to your inner essence. This unique blend of yoga and meditation provides a profound opportunity for inner exploration and self-awareness.


As the sun gracefully sets, the evening yoga practice shifts its focus towards deep relaxation and restoration, offering a soothing conclusion to your day. After the evening yoga practice, the daily Kundalini Activation Transmissions, facilitated by Chelsea, will elevate your consciousness and support profound healing and spiritual awakenings. This transformative experience allows you to delve deep within yourself, fostering self-exploration and heightened awareness.


In your free time, the retreat invites you to explore the natural treasures nestled within the property's lush landscape. Whether you choose to take a refreshing swim in the lazy river-style pool or cenotes, find peace in the meditation areas, or simply absorb the invigorating energy of the jungle, each moment is an opportunity for introspection and rejuvenation.


Throughout your stay at the Inner Path Yoga + Alchemy Retreat your well-being is our top priority. Daily vegetarian meals will be crafted using fresh, locally sourced ingredients by our culinary team who take pride in creating a menu that not only delights your taste buds but also aligns with your journey towards mindfulness and vitality.  


Your private accommodations, thoughtfully nestled within the lush richness of the Mayan jungle, offer a sanctuary of tranquility, providing a serene and secluded space to reflect and rejuvenate. Each unit contains a double bed and ensuite for your convenience and solitude.  The natural surroundings enhance your sense of serenity and oneness with the environment, allowing you to truly disconnect from the stresses of daily life. These secluded spaces allow you to fully immerse yourself in the healing energy of the jungle, providing the perfect environment for introspection and relaxation.


Inner Path Yoga + Alchemy Retreat promises a holistic and transformative journey, guided by experienced facilitators. It's a place where you can truly connect with nature, explore the depths of your inner self, and embark on a path towards wholeness and self-discovery.


What is a Kundalini Activation Transmission?


A Kundalini Activation Transmission is a method of awakening and harnessing your own life-force energy often referred to as "kundalini". Kundalini is a concept in Hindu and yogic traditions that represents a dormant, coiled energy located at the root chakra (base of the spine). When awakened, this energy is said to rise through the spine, activating your 7 energy centers, (chakras), ultimately leading to a state of higher consciousness and spiritual awakening.


Experiences can vary from person to person but often include

  1. Spiritual Awakening

  2. Emotional, Physical + Energetic Healing

  3. Creativity and Personal Growth

  4. Enlightenment

BUFO retreats

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Sahaja in eastern spirituality means ’to be born with’ and is also translated as “spontaneous” and “natural.”  It represents the idea that spiritual freedom and liberation are not something external. Liberation and our being “come into being” or “get born” together.  

Through medicine and practices we will open ourselves to "Sahaja", spontaneity, naturalness, freedom, which we radiate continuously but has been dampened by trauma, negative thought patterns and life circumstances. Sahaja retreat is designed to support deep healing and the remembrance of your perfect naturalness – a state of love, ease, and wholeness.


About the retreat

Upon arrival at Sahaja, nestled in a beachfront compound on 1-mile of private beach, we will greet you and the rest of the tribe for an introductory information session, including a tour of the property. There will be an opening ceremony that evening. 


During the retreat, we will begin each day with a group Bufo microdose ceremony to experience the communal healing and bonding offered by the medicine, as well as get you acclimated to the medicine in preparation for a deeper ceremony later in the day. We will follow each group ceremony with a group Kundalini Pranayama (breathwork) session. Afterwards, you can enjoy a freshly prepared snack or light meal from our private chef, and take a dip into the crystalline waters of the Caribbean feeling refreshed and renewed.


Early evenings will include individual Bufo ceremonies followed by a group dinner and integration circle. We're with you every step of the way, helping you integrate your intentions into your ceremonies, and providing a safe container for profound healing. Individual integration sessions available for sensitive healing topics or ones that feel too personal to share with the group.


You are encouraged to take advantage of the privacy and profound connection with nature our lush tropical ecological preserve offers, exploring the lagoon, basking on the deck of the pool, swimming or kayaking in the fresh Caribbean waters, or reading in a hammock to the soundtrack of nature. 


Sound healing sessions by our facilitator Natalie, trained by master Suren Shrestha in the ancient Tibetan tradition will also be available for an additional fee. 


Our work is to provide a safe container for you to experience the deep healing of these sacred medicines. We will help you face any parts of yourself that house trauma, fear, and stagnant or dense energy. As experienced guides, we will hold space for you as you release trapped trauma and pain to heal from the root, returning to your perfect state of naturalness. When you leave your retreat, you will have a foundation of knowledge, practices, and a new tribe to help you live a life of love, ease, and wholeness. 

The Medicines


The secretion from Bufo Alvarius or the Sonoran Desert Toad is one of the most powerful entheogens that exists. This beautiful medicine will work at the deepest level to liberate your soul through the release of deeply stored emotional trauma, repressed memories, and self limiting beliefs. Through this process it is common for one to experience non-duality and a feeling of oneness, a deep connection with source, the universe, your higher self and the embrace of pure unconditional love.


This is a deep dive with Bufo, having the opportunity to sit with the medicine many times over the course of your retreat. The medicine will ask you to be completely present and surrender all that you have known to receive the pure white light and love source energy provides. By surrendering, you transcend the ego and are able to see your truth. 


“When a person smokes 5-MeO-DMT, there is an increased production and release of neurotransmitters and endorphins, such as serotonin and dopamine. They promote body regeneration, healing, and an enormous release of unconscious stress and trauma.”

  • Dr. Gerardo Sandoval Isaac


Kambo or the Phyllomedusa bicolor has been providing healing to indigenous peoples of the Amazon for decades. Kambo is also known for its purgative properties, assisting the energetic, emotional and physical body to release toxins, trauma, dis-ease and subconscious blockages. People who have sat with Kambo report a renewed sense of self, a release of anxiety, fear and old patterns only to establish a beautiful connection to their heart space and the world around them.


The union of these two cathartic sacraments can be a catalyst to connection with your inherent consciousness, healing body, heart and soul. 


Integration is key in this process and our facilitators will be there every step of the way, creating a safe container, holding sacred space and hosting daily group and one to one integration sessions. 


The Location


Rancho SanJuan is located in Sian Ka’an, Mexico approximately 45 minutes south of Tulum. Part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this beautiful beachfront compound sits 

on 1 mile of private beach. No neighbors except the amazing flora, fauna and pristine Caribbean coastline. 


Also featured is a private chef preparing healthy meals, smoothies and snacks, a swimming pool and water sports equipment such as paddle boards, kayaks, snorkeling gear, button and fly fishing gear, and beach volleyball.



What’s Included


This retreat is all-inclusive meaning lodging, medicine ceremonies, meditation and breathwork sessions, pre- and post- integration, as well as all meals, snacks and beverages are included. 


Rooms are based on double occupancy, you will be sharing a room with another participant. If you are a couple or traveling with a friend, please let us know in advance. 




The investment for this all-inclusive retreat is $2,900 per person, assuming double occupancy.  This includes a ride from Cancun International Airport to Rancho San Juan on arrival and from the property back to the airport upon your departure. 


Please keep in mind the drive is approx. 4 hours from Cancun International Airport to the property. Flight arrivals scheduled after 3pm and flight departures scheduled before 12pm will require you to secure your own transportation to and from the property and at your own expense.

Payment Plans are available upon inquiry.

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Secure My Spot


In order to register for this retreat you will need to participate in a discovery video chat where we answer questions, share information about our practice and the retreat and learn more about you, your needs and intentions. This is mandatory and you will not be registered until it has been completed and you have paid your deposit.  Please email to get your discovery video chat scheduled. 

Meet The Team

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